Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion

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  • Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion
  • Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion
  • Adjuster Wheelchair Cushion
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Looking for a great pressure relieving cushion that doesn't require a massive upkeep. The Adjuster by Comfort Company is the wheelchair cushion for you. 

Product Features:

  • Five fully adjustable compartments provide custom fit with maintenance free air cells.


  • Newly designed Comfort Cells are softer and quieter, allowing the user to immerse into the cushion more than ever before.


Cover Options:

    • Stretch-Air: Designed for added comfort, air transmission and heat dissipation. Latex free.


    • Comfort-Tek: Designed for infection control and incontinence protection. Latex free.


Tech Specs:

Weight: 1.8 lbs.
Front Height: 3.5"
Rear Height: 3.5"
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
Cover Type: Stretch-Air or Comfort-Tek


Cover options:

  • Stretch Air

Designed for patient comfort and heat dissipation, this two-ply material combines a soft and high-stretch Polyester top layer with a waterproof Polyurethane barrier underneath, adding incontinence protection. Latex free.

Stretch-Air Cover

  • Comfort-Tek

Designed for infection control and as an incontinence barrier, this Polyurethane material has a smooth and extremely soft top layer with a high-stretch Polyester backing. It is an easily cleaned surface using most common disinfectants. Latex free.


Comfort-Tek Cover




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