Aviator Stairlift by Pilot E603

  • electric stair climbing chair
  • Aviator Stairlift by Pilot E603
Pricing starting at 3250.00


Do you or your loved ones have difficulty facing stairs in their everyday lives?

This could be due to an injury, illness or simply as we age; stairs can become a daunting task, often leaving parts of the home inaccessible.

At Merits, we understand the challenges a staircase can present and we are passionate about helping people maintain their freedom and independence in the home they love. We designed the Pilot range of stairlifts to provide a stylish, elegant yet affordable solution without comprising on safety. In fact, we consider safety a standard feature at Pilot, not an optional extra.

Our mission statement:
"To provide the highest quality, innovative products at affordable prices and to improve the quality of everyday life for people worldwide."

We have this in mind every day when we help our customers, ship our products and provide after sales support. You will feel the quality in our products and hear the passion in our voices.

Our nationwide network of certified dealers will ensure that wherever you live, we have someone close by who will look after you.

So sit back, relax and let a Pilot lift take you to new heights!


Key Features
  • ✔ Three stylish seat upholstery options
  • ✔ Smooth, quiet, operation with soft start/stop technology
  • ✔ Fully re-handable, converts from RH to LH in minutes
  • ✔ Adjustable armrest width and seat height
  • ✔ Compact design - Folds to 13" from wall and less than 8" track intrusion
  • ✔ Innovative support makes installation easy, even on irregular stair treads


Technical Specs
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs / 158kg
  • Motor: 1/2HP, 24VDC
  • Speed: 18~25fpm (5.4~7.8m/min)
  • Incline limits: 25°~55°
  • Travel: 15' 9" (4.8m) STD/ 31' 6" (9.6m) MAX
  • Drive method: Rack & pinion
  • Charger: 100~240VAC, 50~60HZ
  • Battery: 24VDC Rechargeable batteries
  • Brake: Electro/mechanical brake + Overspeed Governor
  • Internal arm rest width: 16" - 20"
  • Seat to footplate height: 17" - 20"
  • Diagnostic Display: Informs user of lift status
  • Remote Controls: Comes w/ 2 Reprogrammable remotes
  • Compliance Standards: ASME A18.1/A17.5 & EN81-40
  • Safety Sensors: 5 Built-in Safety Sensors, Standard
  • Safety Devices: Overtravel Prevention, Motor Brake, Key Switch, Retractable Seat Belt, Armrest and Swivel Seat Safety Switches
  • Warranty: 5-Year Motor/Gear Box, 2-Year on Components

Please note that stair lifts are not covered by Medicare.


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Warranty Information

5-Year Motor/Gear Box 2-Year on Components
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