Better Sleep While Managing Diabetes

Better Sleep While Managing Diabetes

As a diabetic you may notice that your morning glucose reading is higher if you don't sleep well the night before. Sleep deprivation can cause increased glucose levels that can become dangerous if your lack of sleep persists for too long. This may be the case, even when sleep deprivation symptoms may be minimal. When this happens an interrupted sleep cycle can lead to an increase in insulin resistance. Then this results in higher glucose levels that can become a problem for diabetics.

How Sleep Affects Your Blood Sugar

Even as research on this topic advances, the conclusion is the same. There is substantial proof that in many ways sleep deprivation affects blood sugar levels. This causes severe effects in diabetics. These effects include the following:

A lack of sleep increases the body's production of cortisol, which is a hormone produced by stress. In turn, glucose is released into the blood stream. This isn’t desirable when you are trying to manage your diabetes at home and trying to rest.

Sleep deprivation can lower your body's sensitivity to insulin, worsening the insulin resistance most diabetics suffer from and raising glucose levels. This can become harmful over time.

Increased glucose production, decreased insulin sensitivity, and other factors can be damaging to diabetics. Therefore, it is important they get the right amount of sleep each night. Things such as an inconsistent sleep schedule, a person's age, and the number of hours of sleep they get each night, can also be problematic when managing their diabetes. So, what can a diabetic do to get the proper rest they need each night? Read on to find out.

All-Star Medical Products For Better Sleep

If you are a diabetic struggling to lower your morning glucose levels, due to a lack of sleep, All Star Medical can help. We offer a wide range of products to increase your comfort and help you improve your quality of sleep, while providing additional benefits at the same time. These products include:

EZ Sleeper – MaxiComfort with Twilight – Powered Headrest / Lumbar Control by Golden Technologies: As the world's most advanced lift recliner, the EZ Sleeper provides lumbar support while stimulating pressure points and helping you maintain the correct posture for a good night's rest.

Cloud PR-515 MaxiComfort with Twilight by Golden Technologies: Designed to provide enhanced comfort and a wider range of positions, this recliner provides you with a feeling of weightlessness. This allows you to sleep more comfortably. At the same time, its lumbar support provides a higher level of pain relief in your lower back, which helps you achieve the most adequate position for restful sleep.

Parks Health Kalmia Perfect Height Hi Low Adjustable Bed: Nothing provides more restfulness than the perfect positions and height. This adjustable bed has been designed for you to be able to achieve just that. It is customizable to fit your body while providing the support you need to relieve the pain in your muscles and joints. It also reduces swelling in your legs, a widespread problem in diabetic patients, allowing you to sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

Don’t hesitate to help yourself. We have the right products to help you manage your glucose levels by improving your sleep. Give us a call today and allow one of our reps to help you choose the best option for you
16th Jun 2022 All-Star Medical

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