Do I choose a one motor Lift Chair or a two motor lift chair?

When it comes to choosing a lift chair recliner you have a few things you need to think about when it comes to figuring out what chair will work best for you or you loved one. Some of those questions are the size or color and the type of fabric. What most people don't realize is that lift chairs come with one and two motor options. Here's the simple way to explain it.

One motor Lift Chair: This is a two button controller where you push the up arrow the chair will lift you to its standing position and if you push the down button the chair will go from the seated position to a recline. The biggest thing to understand about the one motor lift chair is when you move the back your feet move and when you move you feet the back moves. It's all on the same scissor mechanism.

Two Motor Lift Chair: These lift chairs have multiple buttons that allow you to get in basically any position you would like.The big difference is when you adjust the back your feet do not move and when you adjust your feet the back does not move.

We have the video below that can explain what I mean.

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17th Jul 2019 Kevin Brown

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