Frequently asked questions about hospital beds | All Star Medical

Frequently asked questions about hospital beds | All Star Medical

A hospital bed is a type of medical equipment that allows the elderly to be cared for at home. If you have an aging loved one who requires a little more support with daily activities, then a hospital bed might be perfect for them. These beds are sturdy and adjustable to meet all their needs. But before making this purchase it’s important to know what is available and how they work so you can make the best choice possible!

What is the size of a hospital bed?

Answer: A standard hospital bed is a twin long and is 8o inches long by 36 inches wide. You have a total of 84 total inches between the head and foot boards.

Does a hospital bed come apart?

Answer: Yes. A hospital bed for home disassembles into 6 parts. The frame of the bed breaks into two parts, then you have a head and foot board. You also have side rails, one for each side.

What is the weight capacity of a standard hospital bed?

Answer: Most beds have a weight capacity of 450 lbs., however the mattress is usually less than that. The mattress is 300 lbs.

What is the difference between a semi electric bed and a fully electric bed?

Answer: On a semi electric hospital bed the head and feet move on the frame with a remote. You have to hand crank the height of a semi electric bed. On a fully electric hospital bed the head, feet, and the height of the bed move up and down with a remote.

Do they make different size hospital beds?

Answer: Yes. The length stays the same at 80 inches but the width goes from 36, 42,48, and 52 inches. The wider frames have a tendency to have a higher weight capacity.

Will standard twin sheets fit on a hospital bed mattress?

Answer: You will need twin long sheets for a standard hospital bed.

Do Hospital beds come with wheels on the frame?

Answer: Yes. In most cases the hospital beds have wheels which give you the ability to move the bed around the room. They do have the ability to lock the wheels as well.

Does Medicare or Insurance Cover a Hospital Bed for home use?

Insurance does cover Hospital Beds if you meet the requirements that they deem necessary. We have a video that goes into detail on this subject. Click here to watch it. Hospital Bed Coverage

4th Nov 2021 Kevin Brown

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