​Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

As you have probably already dealt with, finding something for a senior is very difficult because at this time in their life they probably already have it but we have a few ideas that you might like.


Reachers can be a great item for seniors. They can help individuals reach certain items like picking up clothes on the floor or reaching something in a cabinet that you may not be able to reach. They are just a great gift all in all.


Rollator's are walkers that have a seat. You’ve probably seen these many times out in public. They come in very handy when seniors are walking long distances. The seat gives him an option to have a rest and sit down when they get tired without having to find a bench or another seat somewhere. Most all of the Rollator’s come with some form about your basket so they can put their belongings in There is a variety of styles and sizes available.

Lifestyle Mobility Aids Rollator Euro Style Rollator

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are very popular among seniors. They are a great item for someone who can’t handle long distances and it limits them on the events and activities they want to do. There are a variety of scooters on the market including scooters that fold up and disassemble into 2 to 3 parts which allow you to take them almost anywhere with you. Some of these mobility scooters have up to a 350 pound weight capacity and can go upwards of 8 to 10 miles on a charge. If you know someone with limited mobility this may be the gift for them.

Folding Mobility ScooterPride Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter for Travel

Photo Phones

As we get older sometimes seniors have difficulty remembering phone numbers. They now have phones that have images of their loved ones so all they need to do is just push that button and they can call the one they love.

Pill Organizers

We all know as we get older we tend to be on more medication. Pill organizers are a great gift to help seniors keep up with their medications.

Compression socks

Our circulation in our legs can start to decline as we age. Compression socks can take that aching feeling away. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and would make a great gift for seniors.

Compression socks for men & womensigvaris compression socks

Pedal exercisers

If you have a senior and they are having difficulty staying active exercise Peddlers are a great gift idea. You can sit this on the ground and they can use their feet to pedal to keep the blood flow and circulation going. They can even set it on the table and use it for upper extremity’s by putting their hands on the unit and rotating it back-and-forth.

Pedal Exerciser

Foot Stools

Reaching a cabinet or getting in and out of the bed can become difficult for some seniors. A foot stool can help make life a little easier. This platform is around 10 inches tall and allows people to step up on it safely to reach a cabinet or something that is out of their reach as well as get in and out of a bed.

Lumin CPAP cleaner

With everyone still dealing with COVID-19, the Lumin cpap cleaner is a great device for cleaning multiple household items. You can clean car keys, your tv remote, toothbrushes, anything that will fit the cpap cleaner. The FDA just gave the lumin cpap clearance to clean kn95 masks also

Lumin Cpap Cleaner

12th Feb 2021 Kevin Brown

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