Maintaining Your Scooter

Maintaining Your Scooter

Mobility scooters provide users with a remarkably increased level of independence, allowing them to go places they otherwise couldn't, shop and work, and go on adventures with friends and family. But the effectiveness of electric scooters is only as good as the care the user takes for their equipment.

All-Star Medical offers a full line of mobility scooters for rent and sale, with different features such as a shopping basket, a slimmer profile for use in cramped environments, bariatric capabilities, and wider tires with heavier treads for outdoor use. Today, we're giving our customers tips on the best way to care for and maintain their mobility scooters.

Tips For Electric Scooter Maintenance

The more time you spend learning how your scooter operates, the better you're able to care for it. However, we know that some of our customers may not have the range of motion or mobility to complete some of these maintenance tips, so we also offer repair and maintenance services. Some simple ways to keep your scooter operating at its best include:

  • Keep it clean, including the seat and wheels
  • Charge it on a regular basis
  • Try to avoid riding in the rain
  • Check your spare parts, including wheels, if you have one
  • Check the tightness of the bolts
  • Inspect the tread and condition of the tires

All of these tips can help make sure that your scooter runs efficiently, but let's move on to the most important thing to care for, to keep you safe!

Maintaining Your Batteries

The batteries are an essential part of your scooter, and your range will be impacted without proper maintenance. Always follow the directions in the owner’s manual when charging your battery. When you replace a battery, make sure that you're getting one that the manufacturer recommends; avoid getting one more powerful than your old one, as you might overtax the engine and cause it to wear out faster.

Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your battery:

  • Store it in a place with a temperature higher than 0 degrees
  • Ensure that you're always using the original charger for the battery
  • Set the charger for the correct battery voltage
  • Don't start charging directly after a ride; wait for it to cool
  • Unplug the battery after it's finished charging
  • Don't deplete the battery entirely

If you completely wear out the battery and leave it uncharged for more than a few hours, it can start getting internal oxidation, which damages the battery and shortens its life. Furthermore, if you go weeks or months without charging your scooter, this will cause your batteries to die. Always refer to the owner’s manual when charging to ensure that you are meeting the specific needs of you scooters battery.

Shop Our Scooter Selection Today!

Do you need a reliable electric scooter, either for short-term use or permanently? All-Star Medical has you covered. Shop our extensive supply of scooters today and let us help you find the one that is right for you. Or, have you had problems with your scooter and need professional repair or maintenance? All Star Medical has service technicians that can come to your house or you can bring the scooter to us. We service Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, and Drive Medical scooters. So whether it’s a power issue, trouble with you tires or your seat All Star repairs it all. Contact our maintenance department if you need to schedule a repair. And don't forget to browse our online catalog for the right scooter for your needs and keep it running longer with our scooter maintenance tips!

17th Aug 2022 All-Star Medical

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