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When it comes to Mobility Scooters All Star Medical is one of the leading experts in the industry for mobility scooters and here's why. We have over 100 years in combined experience between our staff members along with having two brick n mortar stores in the Nashville Tennessee area. We don't just sell online, we have our hands on most of these scooters and we try them out ourselves. All Star Medical can tell you the Pros and Cons of most scooters on the market.

Travel Mobility Scooters

Pros: Travel Scooters are compact and very easy to travel with. They have a small footprint which allows someone to make tight turns in small areas. They are available in 3 & 4 wheel models. Most of these scooters come apart which make them light enough to pick up and transport in a vehicle.

Cons: Travel scooters are small and typically have a weight capacity limit of 250-300lbs. The area where you put your feet at is small and the seat height is not really tall so this can be an issue for individuals who are over 6 feet tall.

Folding Mobility Scooters

Pros: These scooters are extremely popular right now. They fold up with a very small footprint and some even fold up by using a remote.

Cons: The folding of these scooters are nice but some of them can weigh up to 50-60 lbs. This can be an issue because that is too much weight for some individuals to pick up. You don't get much flexibility on the seat height either because when the chair is folded it does limit the adjustable seat on a lot of models.

3 Wheel Power Mobility Scooters

Pros: These mobility scooters have a great turning radius and do really well inside of a home. You also have the ability to move you feet out a little further because the wheel is in the center of the footrest area. They can also be used outside as well. We sell more 3 wheel scooters than any other type of scooter, they are very stable.

Cons: Some people want to have more stability so they will choose a 4 wheel over a 3 wheel. All Star Medical tells our customers that if you turn a 3 wheel scooter over there is a 99% chance you were not using properly.

4 Wheel Power Mobility Scooters

Pros: 4 wheel scooters are very popular. If you are really concerned about stability then this is the option for you.

Cons: The 4 wheels typically add 10-12 inches on the turning radius which can cause issues when using them in small spaces. They also add some weight to the device as well.

Heavy Duty Scooters

Pros: The Heavy duty scooters have come a long way in the last 20 years or so. They now have options that are portable that go up to 400 lbs. One of the models even has a high back seat which you don't see on scooters that often. 

Cons: They are heavy, even if they come apart which not all HD models do. Most manufacturers consider any scooter that has a weight capacity over 300 lbs. to be a heavy duty model.

All Terrain Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Pros: The All Terrain scooters can go almost anywhere. They have a high ground clearance and typically a weight capacity of up to 350 - 500 lbs. The wheels are bigger and the seats are too.

Cons: The Outdoor Mobility Scooters are not portable. You would need ramps, a vehicle mobility lift, or a small trailer to take these devices anywhere.

Recreational Scooters

Pros: If you are looking for speed then a recreational scooter is for you. These are scooters that go on avg 7-18 miles per hour. They have large wheels are are great for outdoor use and someone who travels long distances.

Cons: These items are not made for indoor use. They are very bulky don't have a great turning radius. 

Here are some of the main things to think of when deciding on a mobility scooter.

  • Where am I going to use it and will it work for me
  • How am I going to transport it.
  • Do I need a mobility lift for my vehicle
  • Does it fit my needs now and will it work in the future for me

If you have the ability to come by one of our locations, Come see us. We have one in Hermitage TN and Franklin TN. We also have a great videos for you to watch as we discuss the features and benefits of all the mobility scooters we have. Video Gallery

If you would like to talk to one of our staff members give us a call at 615-730-9438 or you can email us at

18th Aug 2021 Kevin Brown

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