Pride Mobility Go Go Sport vs Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX

Hey guys. This is Kevin with All-Star Medical, and today we want to show you the Pride Mobility Go Go Sport three wheel versus the Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX three wheel. These are two really popular scooters that, you know, one of the main reasons they're popular is some of the features that they offer that your standard scooters don't. One being on the Pride Mobility version here, the Go Go Sport has a 325 pound weight capacity. So most of your scooters are around 300. So this give you an extra 25 pounds. A lot of people don't realize how easy these are to break down, but before I get to that, I want to show you just a couple features up here. You got your lights, turn them on, this shows your battery life, it's your indicator there, your speed dial set up right here, and then it has this tiller handle that, you know, if you have maybe a one side weakness, you can grab different parts of the tiller and still drive it forward or backwards from one hand. So they went away from the straight bar to a rounded one most of them have. You also have your little, what I call your annoying horn, so if you want to get a hold of somebody. You have the ability to adjust this tiller forward and backwards. So, you know, shoulder reasons or whatever it may be. You can charge right here with the battery charger, so you don't have to bend down and put it in this. But the benefit of this is you can just take this battery box off and actually put it, if you're travelling, and just take that in and then leave the scooter in the car. So you don't have to take the whole unit in if you don't need it say in a hotel or wherever you're staying for whatever reason. So that's a nice little feature without having to do that.

As far as when it breaks down, what you do, take the seat off, reach over, I turn it off first, lift the battery box up, there's a little clip right here. This clip just pops off. You can adjust the height right here, okay? So you can adjust the height of this pole just a little bit. Kind of see it's got two spots. So you have a little bit of play with it that you can put it in and do what you need to do. So give me just a second as I put that back in. Then when it comes back to it, all you're doing is taking these hooks and hooking on that rod at the bottom and then it snaps in place and you're ready to go again. You have the battery box back and add the seat. The seat has a swivel. So you can actually take, swivel the seat to the side and you actually swivel it all the way around. You can adjust the... I wanna show you this right here. You can adjust the width of the arms. The seat does fold down. So basically, what you're dealing with, not counting the basket, is four pieces. With the basket, there's five. Very compact to put in the backseat of a vehicle or trunk of a vehicle and still go everywhere you need to go. So that's really the biggest key.

A little big larger wheels than you'll see on your standard scooters. A little bit bigger front and back wheels, a little thicker. So you can go outdoors with this. I always tell people, they always ask me, "Where can I go?" It really depends on the grass. I mean, you're going to be able to get on sidewalks and concrete on this all day long but the grass, it depends. I mean, it cannot be real clumpy grass and you're trying to go through this, because it doesn't a huge ground clearance. The other feature on this is they do make a three and a four wheel version of this. Your overall length on this is actually 43 inches, overall width is 21 and a 1/4. That depends on also if you're taking the armrest out. So if you need to take the armrest out, you can. You know, when you start looking at this, the heaviest piece is 35 pounds on a 3 wheel, on a 4 wheel it's 44. So couple of features there. You also have a little pouch in the back and I always recommend people to put their battery charger in the back. That way, you've always got it with you if you run low or you've been out longer than you think, you can always reach out and grab that. So that is the Pride Mobility Go Go Sport three wheel version. I'm going to bring up here the Buzzaround EX.

So a little bit different style. Couple of the features and benefits that I'll go over. As you can see, a little bit larger tires. Does have suspension. So that is one of the pluses that you have compared to this. This has a 330 pound weight capacity, 18 miles of operating range. And again, I always tell people, the operating range depends on the terrain you're on and what you actually weigh. You can't just say if you meet your 330 and you're going up and down hills, you're not going to get 18 miles out of it. So that's something I want you to always realize, that it does depend on the terrain. And honestly, I don't have hardly anybody that goes 18 miles. I mean, when you really start to think where is 18 miles from you, you're not going to be doing this on a mobility scooter. So a lot of times I tell you you got [inaudible 00:05:41] good 6, 8, even 10 or 12 hours depending on how you're using it, how much you weigh and what the terrain is throughout the day. You can take the seat, raise it up. One of the features here is this is a larger battery. So you have U1 batteries here, they're separate, you pop them out. You again have the adjustability for the seat heighth and then this just snaps off.

The handle will actually go down and I did not show you on that, I apologize for that on that, on the Pride, but both these handles will go down and you can actually, there's a little lever here you can lock and place to keep the handle when you go to pick this up, from moving on you. It's just going to move just a little bit but it keeps it from swinging all the way around. It's a nice little benefit that both of them offer. When I raise that up, you lock that in. One of the features I don't mention a lot, but you do have lights on these. I don't see a lot of people using them, but if you are out and about and night and you live in a nice little subdivision area with good sidewalks and things like that, you can definitely do it. Again, batteries are going to sit back in here just like this. Where I showed you, you can take that battery pack in and charge it. You cannot do that unless you get a charging station. It comes additional with it. Show you some of the features up top here, disengage this. You can charge it right here just like the Go Go Sport. You have your adjustable speed. I'm going to go ahead and turn it on. There's your battery life, your horn, your speed indicator, and then again, it's got the nice tiller, so you can use it the same way. If you have one side weakness, you can go back and forth with it. Works out really well.

These are great scooters. Again, they're very portable. A lot of people just don't realize what these things are able to do as far as portability-wise. They see them, think there's no way I can get this in the trunk of a car or backseat. The heaviest feature on this that I'll go over with you, and let me give you, one second, the length on this on a three wheel version is 45 and the width is 22. The front half is 46 pounds. So the heaviest piece is technically 46 pounds here. You know, again, very nice scooter. We sell a lot of these versions, and mainly it's for that weight capacity. That somebody that's maybe pushing that 300 pound limit, you've got these options to choose from. You've got two great manufacturers that back up their products great, do really good service. Honestly, if you take care of your scooter, typically the thing you're going to be dealing with mostly is your batteries. Other than that, the way they make these scooters, they've been doing it so long, you don't have to worry about much of anything else. So we have these in store. You can also order these online. The Buzzaround EX is $1,500 and the Go Go Sport is $1,399. So a little bit better price on the Go Go Sport. It has a couple of few less features. So you can pick and choose what really works best for you. I'm hoping this video helps you make that decision on what will be the most beneficial in deciding. You can order online at or come in to one of our Hermitage or Franklin stores here in the Nashville, Tennessee area and try them out for yourself and then order them today and take them today, or we order them and ship them directly to your house, whatever works best for you.

So hope you enjoyed that. Our phone number is 615-730-9438. Thank you.

2nd Dec 2018 Kevin Brown

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