Stair Lift Costs | All Star Medical

Stair Lift Costs | All Star Medical

What are the costs of a stair lift? What factors affect how much it costs to install a stairlift? How does All Star Medical help with pricing and installation? This blog post will answer these questions.

One of the first things we hear when people talk about a stairlift is how much do they cost, I heard they are really expensive. That is not the case on most stair lifts. Below we will breakdown the costs of the different types of stairlifts and the average costs.

Straight Stairlifts Cost

Straight stair lifts are the most common stair lift installed by far. The Prices Range between $3,000-$4400 and this includes a track that almost 16 ft in length and fits on steps that are between 12-14 steps. This price includes installation. All Star Medical carries a variety of brands and this is why you see the variation in price. The standard units are around $3000 and can go up if you need to add options like a folding hinge or a power seat or a heavy duty model.

People need stairlifts for many different reasons. A few examples would be their main bath is on the second level, they have steps coming in from the garage, the master bedroom is upstairs, the laundry room is downstairs, etc. The price may seem high but when you look at the alternatives to these issues, the price can really be a lot higher than a stair lift. The average cost of an assisted living in Tennessee is $4039.00 a month. The average price for ADA Walk In Bath can be anywhere from $6000-$15000.

Straight Stair Lift

Curved Stairlifts Costs

Curved stair lifts are a one-piece system that are custom made for your staircase. You typically do this type of chairlift when you have a landing, curved stairs, or you want the chair to curve around at the top or bottom of your stairs. The price is much higher than a straight stairlift because this type of lift is custom made for your staircase. The prices range start out at $10,000 and can go up from there depending on the type of staircase you have. Another thing we like to mention is the curved stairlifts have no resale value as the system is made for your staircase. We do have individuals actually order two straight stairlifts, one for the bottom of the staircase and one for the top of the staircase (if you have a landing in the middle). Again, the price is high but consider having to move into a facility, in two months it would be paid for.

Curved Stair Lift

Outdoor Stairlifts Costs

Outdoor stairlifts are a great option. These are typically added to the front porch or back decks. You can do them with a straight or a curved rail system. The are made to handle the outdoor elements and typically range from $5200-$7500. They Curved Systems start at around 12,200 and go up from there depending on what’s needed.

Outdoor stair lift

Stair Lift Rental Cost

Most people choose to rent a stair lift when they know that it will only be used for a few months. Sometimes people do this if they are unsure of their situation, an example would be if you have a loved one move in with you and you are not sure you can take care of them. All Star Medical only rents straight stairlifts. You pay an installation fee and they a monthly fee. The monthly fee is based on how long you choose to rent from us. Click here for more information on stair lift rentals.

DIY Stairlifts Costs

We have a lot of calls where people call us a and ask for random parts to a stairlift. When they find out what it costs, they realize they have overpaid for the chair lift they bought from someone. A few things to consider when buying a stairlift and trying to do it yourself.

  • Make sure it works! If it’s been sitting for a while there is a great chance the batteries are dead and you will have to replace them.
  • Make sure the track is long enough for your staircase. If it’s too short you would have to buy a whole new rail system in most situations and then you have probably paid too much and could have had a company like All Star Medical do it for less.
  • Make sure the lift has all the parts needed to be reinstalled. These devices have a lot of working parts and you need to make sure you have every single piece so it can be installed correctly.

All Star Medical offers the Rave 2 Stairlift and you can do it yourself. All we need to know if the length of your staircase and which side you need the lift on and we can ship it you so you can do it yourself. They will actually cut the rail at the factory so the length of the rail needs to be right.

Mobile Stairlift Cost

This is a fairly new item and has worked great for customers at All Star Medical. The mobile stairlift allows you to carry another person up a set of stairs. It’s great for people on the go and it folds ups for easy transportation. These systems start at $2995.00 The individual that’s working the mobile stairlift needs to be able to walk up a set of stairs backwards and have enough strength to handle the unit. We would not recommend a 150 lb. person carry a 225 lb. person up and down the stairs.

Mobile chair lift

What are my next steps if I would like to get a stair lift in my home?

You can call us at 615-730-9438 and we will set up a time to go out to your home and do a evaluation. Our evaluation is FREE if you live in the Nashville TN area. If you live out further, we charge a fee but we put that fee towards the purchase if you buy a stair lift from us.

I want to order the Rave 2 stair lift and do it myself.

Just click Rave 2 stair lift and go through checkout and we will ship you the unit to install yourself. Just remember to put the length of your stairs in the notes when ordering.

If you would like to see what a straight vs a curved stairlift look like watch our short video of our demo units in our Hermitage TN location. Click here: Straight vs. Curved Stairlift

So, what type of stairlift is right for you? The cost and the available options depend on factors such as your home's stairs. Understanding how to calculate the number of steps in a flight can help make this decision easier. Another consideration when choosing a stair lift is whether or not there are any obstructions like handrails.

5th Nov 2021 Kevin Brown

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