The 4 main things to know when deciding on a Lift Chair

Lift Chairs, they are all the same right? No. Not at all. When we have customers come into our location they are shocked by the options available for lift chairs. When trying to decide what type of lift chair you or a loved one needs don't forget these 4 things.

1. Size Matters

Lift chairs come in multiple sizes,from petite all the way to extra large. The biggest thing we stress at All Star Medical is that you want a chair where your feet can touch the floor. If you don't have this most people have a tendency to slouch because they are trying to get there feet on the ground. It's human nature. You can find chairs that have different back heights, seat widths and seat depths. Take measurements of your existing chair and bring them into our store or look at  our dimensions online to see if there is a chair close to the current one you are sitting in.

2. Fabric Selection

Fabric is not just about matching your chair to your curtains. Lift chairs have multiple style fabrics and colors like your basic fabric, vinyl, crypton, ultra leathers or brisa. The reason you should put some thought into the fabrics is that more than likely you or your loved one will be spending a lot of time in this lift chair. Do you sweat a lot or have bladder issues like incontinence? If so then you should really consider going with a vinyl, crypton, or brisa fabric. If the incontinence is not too bad then go with a vinyl or brisa fabric, they are very easy to clean. If it's pretty severe then I would suggest a crypton fabric.This fabric is made for bladder issues. Watch the attached video for more information on this. You should note that the crypton only helps protect the fabric and not the screws underneath.

Saddle (Relaxer)Admiral (Maxicomforter)ShirazEvergreen (Maxicomforter)Brisa Buckskin

3. 2 positions/3 positions/Infinite positions

2 position lift chairs raise up to help you out and go into a seated position. A 3 position chair does the same but also reclines back.I always recommend a 3 position over a 2 position chair. I say this because if you need a chair to help you get up, you are probably sitting in it for a decent amount of time. I would say that close to 70% of the people we sell chairs to sleep in them instead of there own bed. This is usually because an individual can't get positioned like they want in a regular bed. This is where infinite or trendelenburg lift chairs come into play.The infinite position will lay you flat just like you are in a bed. How many times have you been to the doctor and they told you to get your feet up to reduce the swelling in your legs? This is not an easy task, you have to take a bunch of pillows and put them under your feet. This is where the trendelenburg position comes into play. The lift chair actually reclines you to where your feet are above your heart! It works great.

4. Pendent Control

Lift Chairs have a couple of different controllers. The most common have 2 buttons on them, one for raising the chair up and the other for reclining it back. The other type of controllers have controls for the back and the seat. This gives you the ability to adjust the lift chair to more of an exact position because you have the ability to adjust the back independently. Some even have memory buttons that you can push and it will bring you right back to your favorite position. 

Don't forget to call All Star Medical for any of your lift chair needs. We can ship anywhere in the continental United States. Call us at 615-567-6116 or 615-730-9438. We are also available by email at

We hope you enjoyed our information. 

30th Jun 2014 Kevin Brown

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