The Showerbay is the option to remodeling a bathroom

I go in and out of a lot of peoples homes and see many situations where people are trying to figure out how to stay at home. One big issue is bathroom accessibility. This can be something as simple as grab bars or safety poles added in the environment or it can be as complicated as widening doors or not having a full bath on the main floor. This is where the showerbay  comes in. I will have link at the bottom showing a video of how quickly its installed and used but I want to talk to you about some of the benefits. Picture not having to remodel your home and just add a shower system in any room! The set up is easy, it actually takes longer to take the wrapping off from shipping than it does to put it together. Call us at 615-730-9438 for more information.

Click Here for more information: Showerbay

28th Aug 2019 Kevin Brown

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