Top Lift Chair Recliner questions

Top lift chair Recliners Questions.

How to choose the right lift chair recliner.
When searching for a lift chair you need to consider how often you will be using the chair. If you just need assistance getting out of the chair, we would recommend a one motor lift chair. If you plan on spending a long period of time in your recliner you should consider getting a two-motor lift chair. The best way to explain the difference between the chairs is a one motor lift chair works on the same scissor mechanism so when the back moves so does the foot rest and vice versa. A two-motor lift chair recliner gives you the ability to independently move the back without adjusting your legs and vice versa. You will have more positions to sit in line with a two-motor chair.

Why do lift chairs vary in price?

The main reason there is a big price difference is due to the fact that some chairs have one motor and others have up to five motors a one chair each motor has a feature and benefit that adds to the function of the lift chair recliner. Fabric can also change the price as some fabrics can cost upwards of $650 just for the fabric alone. You tend to have a better warranty on the chairs made by top Brand like Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. Under these warranties, things like hand pendants and scissor mechanisms have great warranties where if you have an issue they are usually covered for a certain period of time. The less expensive chairs typically don’t have a very long warranty, most of the time they have a one year max warranty on all items.

What sizes do you lift chairs come in?

When choosing a lift chair size matters. There are a variety of different sizes anywhere from Petite to extra wide. Not all chairs come in multiple sizes but most of the manufactures most popular chairs come in different sizes. Your average weight capacity is 375 while some can be up to 500 or 700 pound weight capacities. You will find some of the very small versions at around 300 lbs.

Does insurance cover lift chairs?

This is a very common question here at All Star Medical. The only thing that is covered by insurance is the seat lift mechanism, this is the motor that lifts the chair up and down. They do not actually play for the chair it’s self so you will always have an out-of-pocket expense when purchasing a lift chair. Other things to keep in mind are if you have a wheelchair or mobility scooter on file with your current insurance company, they will deny the claim because they will not pay for the lift chair and the mobility scooter or wheelchair. For more information on this All Star Medical has a great video on this topic. Just click the following link

What should I look for when purchasing a lift chair recliner.

When searching for lift chair recliner the most important thing to know is that the chairs come in different sizes, backs, and are made with different types of foam and fabrics. If the option is there sitting in the chair will help make the decision. All Star medical gets the question all the time "what's the best chair?". This comes down to the individual and what is comfortable.

How long do Lift Chairs Last?

The average life span of most lift chairs in around 10 years but it all depends on how someone uses the chair. There are many chairs that are well over a decade old and still working great.

Are Lift Chairs safe for the elderly?

The seat lift mechanism are made to assist anyone who needs help getting up out of a chair. 

All Star Medical knows lift chairs.

Here in All Star medical we have one of the largest selection of lift chairs on in our stores in the country. We have been offering lift chairs since 2009 and have a vast knowledge of what will and will not work for someone. We offer free shipping in the continental United States and you can easily order these chairs at or for more information give us a call at 615-730-9438. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

28th Jul 2020 Kevin Brown

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