UPbed™ Adjustable Lift Bed | All Star Medical

Do you find it difficult getting in and out of bed? Do you feel like you're constantly losing your balance? A standing bed could be the perfect solution for you! Watch how nice and easy this bed works. Not only is this great for the person in the bed but it can be a life saver for the caregiver as well.

When you need to get up from bed, it can be difficult and tiring. The UPbed™ Adjustable Lift Bed is designed for people who would like a little more independence when getting out of bed. This lift system has been ergonomically engineered to provide the perfect amount of assistance needed for an easy rise with minimal exertion. If you're looking for a gentle way to help yourself or someone else stand up from a seated position, this product could be just what you've been searching for!

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5th Jan 2022 Kevin Brown

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