We now offer the Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

We now offer the Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

One of the hardest things to find is a wheelchair small enough for a child. Circle Specialty has the Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair available in 12, 14,16, and 18 inch widths. The width of the chair is the seat area, not the entire width of the chair.This is rare to find as most pediatric wheelchairs are custom for children with special needs. These small wheelchairs come with options for elevating leg-rests, wheelchair cushions, Headrest and a chest Harness. You can even get anti tippers on this wheelchair.

Pediatric Wheelchair

Ziggo Pediatric Wheelchair for Kids

They are standard with flip up arm rests and removeable back wheels. The removeable back wheels make it convenient for traveling and the wheelchair also folds up like in the image above. The legrests are removeable as well. This item is easy to assemble and can be shipped right to your home. All Star Medical will be glad to help you answer any questions you may have. Call us at 615-730-9438.

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14th Sep 2021 Kevin Brown

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