Will a Folding Mobility Scooter work for you?

We have been getting a lot of calls on Folding Mobility Scooters. They have some great benefits with how easy they fold up and some of them even fold up with a remote! We have sold a lot of these units and wanted to pass along the Pros and Cons of these different units.

The Pros

       In most cases all you have to do is pull one or maybe two levers and the scooter can be folded up easily. This makes the unit very compact. In most cases the scooters is only around 14 to 18 inches in width. The height is around 30 inches. All you have to do is then lift the device into the back of your vehicle. The batteries come out to make them even lighter if its needed. We have one folding scooter that weighs just 33 lbs and that with the battery.

Some of the units have tillers that are adjustable and this works well when you have your device folded up because you can then push your device while it's folded.


The Cons

The biggest misconception with the folding mobility scooters is that people think they are light. They see all these videos and watch people put them in their vehicles and think I can do that. What they don't realize is most of the scooters weigh over 50 lbs. This can be a lot of weight for some people and it can be a lot harder than it looks to put in a vehicle.

Adjust-ability is also a con. You can't make adjustments on the seat height or the tiller height on most folding units due to the way they fold up. 

Below is the link to our page showing you different models of folding mobility scooters. We hope the information above is helpful when deciding which scooters works best for you.

24th Mar 2020 Kevin Brown

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