Will Insurance cover Wheelchair ramps?

Wheelchair ramps are a great option for getting someone in and out of the house who can't handle steps anymore. Residential ramps can come in many forms. Some are modular and you can build them to almost any length you need while others are portable. The portable ramps are made for when you have 1 or two steps in most cases. 

In most cases Insurance companies DO NOT PAY for ramps. An example of an insurance that doesn't is Medicare. Medicare and your traditional insurances don't pay for items outside the home. I know you are probably thinking that's not right I see people in wheelchairs and scooters all the time and Medicare paid for that. The key is you must show that those items are needed within the home to get to places like the bedroom, bathroom, and Kitchen. Once the insurance has paid for those items you can use it anywhere you please. I have attached a video below that we get into more detail about ramps and if Insurance pays for them. 

17th Feb 2021 Kevin Brown

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