FAQ Handicap Showers & Bathtubs

How do I know which accessible shower will work for me?

This is probably the biggest question we get when it comes to bathroom accessibility. You have a variety of choices when it comes to accessible shower systems.Walk-In Showers – These are shower systems that have little to zero barriers when it comes to accessing the shower. In certain systems you can even roll a shower chair in and out with ease. These come in multiple sizes and dimensions and in most cases all you have to do is replace your existing bath tub.
Walk-In Tubs- You see these all over TV ads. The are probably the most talked about items when it comes to handicap shower systems. You walk into this shower and take a seat, turn on the water and then shower. After you have showered you just need to pull the plug and let the water out.
Barrier Free or Zero Barrier –

This benefit is for the walk in shower systems. You can use a rolling shower chair and easily roll someone into the shower with little to no effort. In some cases you will use a water damn to keep the water from coming out. This can easily be rolled over.

Wall Mounted Seats -

You can mount the seat to the wall and lift it up or down easily.
Grab Bars- You can choose from a variety of grab bars, anything from color or length to fit your needs.


If you want jets in your walk in tub you can add those features in most tubs.

Did you knowThe average tub size is 60 inches long by 30 or 32 inches wide.

You can just add a zero barrier floor and then tile everything else up if you would like to add a nice design to your bath system.

If you would like to add a glass door to your walk in shower down the road this is something that can easily be done.

One of the things at that makes All Star Medical stand apart is that we do come out and offer a free home visit to show you the best option to fit all of your needs.

If we can’t come out you can call us over the phone and we can help you order the right system if you would like a DIY project. Call us today at 615-730-9438