FAQ Lift Chairs

Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?
This is a question we get asked a lot. The short answer is yes but its not what you think, they only pay for the lift mechanism of the chair, NOT the chair. We have attached a video that goes into more detail on this to better explain it in detail.
Is there Lift Chair Delivery Available?
Curbside Delivery is your free option.  This means that the freight company will bring it to your house depending on a few situations like the length of your driveway? Can the freight truck turn around in your subdivision? All this information will base on where they will put the lift chair box at. This type of delivery is great if someone is there that can help the individual get the chair in the house.

Front Door Delivery is an option if the door frame is wide enough for the lift chair box to go in. Most of your lift chair boxes are between 39 and 45 inches wide so this is something to consider when choosing this option.

White Glove Delivery is the option where someone comes to your home and sets up the lift chair where you prefer it. Some stipulations are set to first floor delivery and not going up to the second floor of the home. If you have questions on this, we highly recommend calling one of our expert here at All Star Medical to help you figure out what's the best option for you.

Please make note that Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility offer these lift chair delivery options but they can vary to some degree.
How to Choose the Right Lift Chair?
2 Position, 3 Position, Zero Gravity, and more options when it comes to a Lift Chair.  We give you the 411 so you can buy the perfect lift chair for your needs. 

2 position lift chair All Star Medical
This is your most basic lift chair. They take you from a seated position to a lift position. It's very simple to use. 

3 position lift chair All Star Medical
You can recline and lift with a 3 position lift chair.  The lift chair has one motor that controls the scissor mechanism so when the chair reclines the back the feet move up and when the feet go down the back comes up.

infinite position lift chair All Star Medical
Infinite Positioning is when a lift chair has two motors. One controls the Backrest and the other controls the footrest. This gives you the ability for multiple positions. By having the two motor you have the ability to control your feet and not have to worry about your back moving. You can't do this on a one motor chair.

zero gravity lift chair All Star Medical
This is a two motor chair that has a special scissor mechanism which allows you to lay in a zero gravity position. It has almost all the same features as the Infinite Position Lift Chair.

heavy duty lift chair All Star Medical
Heavy Duty Lift Chair start out with a 500 lb weight capacity and go up to 700 lbs. These are very limited in styles but they do offer some in a petite wide option.

petite lift chair All Star Medical
These Lift chairs are made for people who are around 5'2 and under. They even have a heavy duty option if needed.