FAQ Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchair Choices and Options
If you are considering a power wheelchair, and not sure where to start, we will explain the differences, important options to consider and how to select the best power wheelchair for your needs. Power wheelchairs provide a tight turning radius, easy to use joystick that can be placed on the right or left side and come in a variety of sizes. Finding the power wheelchair for your needs does not have to be a challenging task. We will walk you through the choices of each type of power wheelchair to determine the features and benefits that best suit your needs.
Folding Power Wheelchairs

All Star Medical offers folding power wheelchairs which offer the user the ability to fold the unit into a compact shape to easily store the powerchair in the trunk of a car or in the storage area of an SUV or van. A large number of first-time shoppers have the idea that a folding powerchair would be much easier to handle and store compared to a portable compact powerchair that disassembles into a few pieces. Be advised that folding power wheelchairs do have a 1 or 2 step process to fold, but the unit is still, for the most part, fully assembled and could be heavier to lift into the vehicle. Compared to a portable power wheelchair that disassembles, the pieces are lighter and easier to lift, depending on the model you are interested in. While you are considering a power wheelchair, pay close attention to the specifications of the heaviest piece when disassembled, or in the case of a folding power wheelchair, the total weight when folded.

Portable Compact Power Wheelchairs

Portable power wheelchairs do not fold. Instead, they disassemble into 3 or 4 pieces, making them much more manageable to store due to the decreased weight of each piece. These power wheelchairs can have more comfort adjustments than a folding powerchair, such as a swivel seat, height adjustable seat and armrests that can swivel out of the way, making transferring in or out of the power wheelchair easier. Portable compact power wheelchairs normally have a weight capacity of 250 to 300 lbs. These power wheelchairs have been the most popular selection for our customers here at All Star Medical.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

All Star Medical offers a large variety of heavy duty power wheelchairs, which are designed to support heavier weights, normally above 300 lbs. Heavy duty power wheelchairs also have wider seats, and larger batteries for the increased weight requirements. There are some heavy duty power wheelchairs that have the option to disassemble into 4 or 5 pieces, but be prepared for these pieces to weigh substantially more than the smaller compact power wheelchairs.

Common Names of Power Wheelchairs
People call these devices many names. Here are a few: electric wheelchairs, power chair, electric scooters. Scooter chair, hooveround. The best way to identify what you want is to know that power wheelchairs have joysticks, they are either on the right or left side of the chair and you use one hand to drive them. If you are looking for a mobility scooter which has handles that are directly in front of you click on this link here Mobility Scooters

If you are unable to find any of these specifications on our website for the unit you are considering, please call us directly or you can always chat with us online, during normal business hours.
Tips for Selecting a Power Wheelchair
Here at All Star Medical, we do everything possible to ensure each and every customer loves the power wheelchair they purchase from us by educating them on all options available, determining where the unit will be used and for what purpose. Below are tips for you to select the best power wheelchair for your need.

Weight Capacity – This is crucial for determining which powerchair fits your needs. Most Electric wheelchairs have a 300 lb weight capacity but some have a weight capacity of 450 lbs. We even have one model that goes up to 600 lbs. The weight capacity is the total weight that the unit can handle according to the manufacturer. Selecting a power wheelchair which does not support the user’s weight can void the warranty, and can cause costly repairs.

Front, Rear or Mid-wheel Drive Powerchairs – The position of the drive wheels significantly affects the space needed for the chair to turn around, and the way the chair maneuvers in tight spaces. There are two measurements that usually are referred to in wheelchair specifications. The 360-degree turning circumference is the entire area needed by the wheelchair to turn in a complete circle. The turning radius is the distance from the center of the chair between the drive wheels (pivot point) to the furthest point on the chair.

A mid-wheel drive power wheelchair has caster wheels on the front and back of the base, helping to prevent the powerchair from tipping forward or backward. Power wheelchairs with mid-wheel drive also have good traction on most surfaces, inclines and side slopes.

Front-wheel drives have a turning radius of 25 to 28 inches and a larger 360-degree circumference than mid-wheel drives. However, they actually navigate around tight corners better than the other two drive systems because the position of the pivot point gives them a very short front end. But turning around in a small space is tricky because of the long back end.

Rear Wheel Drive - Rear-wheel drives have the largest 360-degree circumference and turning radius (30 to 33 inches depending on the unit selected) of the three drive systems, making them more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Seat Width – The dimensions of the seat are important based on the user’s measurements. Most seats DO come with adjustable armrests, so you can adjust them outwards or inwards for comfort.

Weight of Heaviest Piece (when disassembled) – If you are considering a unit that disassembles, pay close attention to the weight of the heaviest piece to ensure it will be manageable for the person storing the unit.

Travel Range - This is the total distance a unit can travel on a full battery charge.
If you are ready to start your search for a mobility power wheelchair, we can help you find the perfect model at the right price and provide you with the best customer support before and after your purchase simply by giving us a call or chatting online with one of our professional sales staff. All Star Medical DOES NOT have a commissioned sales staff. We believe in finding the right product for you, no matter the cost. Educating our customers on getting the right product is at the fore-front of our culture at All Star Medical.
The Manufacturers we carry are below:

Golden Technologies
Pride Jazzy
Drive Medical
Why choose All Star Medical?
All Star Medical is different from a number of ONLINE ONLY RETAILERS. We have brick and mortar stores in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We carry the largest selection of in-stock power wheelchairs in the Middle Tennessee area. Our staff test drives each power wheelchair we have on hand. We take them apart, put them back together and are certified to service each and every powerchair we sell. Our staff have daily hands-on experience with the power wheelchairs we offer. Not in the Tennessee area? No problem. Our network of local service contractors allows us to provide in-home service for all of our customers with the service contracts through the manufacturer of your scooter of choice.