FAQ Scooter Lifts

Things to consider when choosing a Vehicle Lift for your car or Truck
When choosing a vehicle lift you need to know that not every vehicle and every scooter are compatible. Our manufacturers have compatibility calculators that work on helping you find what lift will work for your mobility device and vehicle. In some cases you can choose to have a inside lift like a boom lift or Hybrid ( this picks the mobility device up outside and slides it into the back of SUV'S or vans). The most common lift is the exterior lift. These fit on a hitch that either came with the vehicle or have been added.
Things you must know before using the compatibility calculator

What is the make/model/year of your vehicle?
What is the make and model of your mobility device?
To determine your Harmar vehicle lift options click on this link:

Do I need the swing away option?
If you have an SUV or a truck you need to really consider the swing-away option. This allows you to still have access to the back of your vehicle. If you don't get this you will not be able to open your tailgate or the hatch of your SUV.If you would like to take your mobility scooter or power wheelchair with you when you go to the grocery or just to visit family and friends then look no further, All-Star Medical has the answer. We have a wide variety of wheelchair lifts to offer you. We know the lift that will work with the vehicle and mobility device you have. We have two locations in the Nashville TN area. Call us at 615-730-9438. We would be glad to help you.