FAQ Stair Lifts

What to look for when choosing a stairlift
If you are in need of a Stairlift we have some helpful tips below to help you or your loved one choose the right model. Stairlifts can be easily be installed in your home in under four hours and can fit most any stairs in the house.

Straight Stair Lift 

The most common Stairlift is a straight Stairlift. They plug into a regular 110 outlet. These are typically 16 foot in length and get mounted to the tread of the stairs. Please note most all stair lifts are installed this way, there is a big misconception that they have to be mounted onto the wall and are very difficult to get installed when actually most stair lifts can be installed between two and four hours. The typical weight capacity of a stair lift is between 300- 350 lbs., there are some units that have a 400 and even 500 lb. weight capacities.
Curved Stairlifts 

A curved stair lift is needed when a home has a set of stairs with a platform and additional stairs above them or the stairs are angled.
Examples of Stair Cases
The stair case above is an example of a what a straight stair lift would mount on
These stair cases could use a two straight units or a curved stair lift. You could run one unit to the landing and then get off that unit and get on another unit to go up the rest of the stairs. 
These type of stair cases would require a curved stair lift.
Cost of Stair Lifts

Straight Stairlifts runs around $3200-$3500. This is a standard unit with no major options and under 16 ft in track length. There is an additional cost if the track is longer than 16 ft but it is not much, most of the time its around $100 per foot. Outdoor options are available and run around $4500-5200 on average.

Curved Stair Lifts run on average of $10,500-$18,000. This systems is custom made for your home. It’s drawn out and measured and then sent to a factory to be built for your home. They typically take around 4-6 weeks to come in and be installed in your home. Outdoor options are available for around the same price.

Features and Benefits

Seat options- Some stair lift manufacturers offer different seat width but most are standard sizes.

Color options- There are a few stair lifts out there where you can get different colored seats. The rails are all silver except when you get a curved stair lift, you can get a variety of colors for the seat and the rails. This does increase the price of the unit though.

Hinge Rail System- You can get a hinged rail on both a straight and curved stair rail. This gives you the ability to move the bottom of the rail out of the way so you can either access a door or keep the hallway clear as the lift due set off about 22-25 inches when they are at the bottom of a staircase.

Power Seat Options- Some manufactures make a power seat which allows you to push a button and have the seat turn for you.

Did you know that Stair Lifts have many names like chair lift, stair glider, stairlift chair,chair that goes up stairs. No matter what you call it we can help.All-Star Medical offers the major brands in Stair Lifts: Acorn, Brooks, Bruno, and Harmar.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Stair Lifts:
Stair Lift Questions:

1. Does Medicare pay for stair lifts?
NO, Medicare does not cover stair lifts. If you have VA benefits you can reach out to them as they will cover them in certain situations.

2. How does the stair lift mount to my stairs?
They are attached to the tread of the steps with a bracket. The bracket has 4 screws in it and easily mount to most any steps.

3. What type of electrical work is required to install a stair lift?
All of the electrical wires are inside the track with one wire that comes out and plugs into a regular wall outlet.

4. What if you have a obstruction or doorway at the bottom of the steps, can you still get a stair lift installed?
Yes. Most stair lifts have a hinge on the track that can be raised up or down. This allows you to have a clear walkway or open a door fully when needed.

5. Are my stairs wide enough for a chair lift?
Your stairs can be as small as 26 inches wide to install a chair lift. In most cases, it is no problem if your stairs are 32 inches or wider. Due to the uncertainty, we offer home assessments to ensure we install the proper chair lift for your house.

6. What if my stair casings have a curve or angle in them?
That typically requires a curved chair lift, which takes longer to manufacturer and is much more expensive. There are some situations in which two chair lifts can be installed at a cheaper price than the curved chair lift itself.

7. Can you install chair lifts outside?
Yes, we can.

8. What is the weight capacity of a chair lift?
Most chair lifts have a 300lb capacity, but there are some brands that increase to a 350- 500lb weight limit.

9. Will my chair lift work if the power goes out?
Yes. You have battery backups for situations like this. They typically have 10-12 lifts in them until power is brought back on.

10. On average how wide does a chair lift stick out?
When in use, its around 24-25 inches and, when it not in use and folded up, it is approximately 13 inches.

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