FAQ Wheelchair Ramps

When choosing a handicap ramp you need to know what ramp will work best for you.
How are you going up or down the aluminum ramp?
If you are not using a mobility aid like a rolling walker, wheelchair, or mobility scooter then you should consider a ramp that has handrails. You will want something to hold onto when going up and down to keep you safe. If you are using a ramp to load your mobility scooter into a car then you can use a portable ramp. These are available in a single fold and a multi fold and sometimes called a tri-fold ramp.
What is a safe slope when going up a ramp?
ADA recommends a 1:12 slope, which means that every 1" of vertical rise requires at least 1' (12") of ramp length (5 degrees of incline). This is for someone who is propelling themselves in a wheelchair and for commercial use. If you are pushing someone up a ramp you need to consider your strength and the individual being pushed weight. If you are in a mobility scooter then you can usually do half of what the slope is. Check in the mobility scooters owners manual as they will put in the maximum slope the scooter can handle. If there is ever any doubt ALWAYS use the ADA guidelines.
 No matter what type of Aluminum wheelchair ramp you are looking for there is a great chance All-Star Medical has it. We carry threshold ramps, portable ramps, modular ramps. Need a ramp for your home or car? Come by our showroom so All-Star Medical can help. We carry EZ Access ramps.
Frequently Asked Questions for wheelchair ramps:
Ramp Questions:

1. How do I choose my ramp length?
American Disability Act says for every inch of rise you should have a foot of ramp for every individual propelling themselves. In certain circumstances, you can decrease the length of your ramp.

2. What is the width of the modular versus the width of the portable?
The usable width of a modular ramp is 36 inches with a total width of 42 inches. A portable ramp can be as low as 30 inches.

3. Can you add more length to a modular ramp?
Yes. Modular ramps come in sections ranging from 2ft-8ft and can be added to each other.

4. What are the different weight capacities of the ramps?
The ramps will range from 800lbs to 1,000lbs dependent on the type.

5. How much will my ramp cost?
The pricing of the ramp is determined based on the length of the ramp and if any platforms are needed. We can sometimes give an estimate based off  of measurements and pictures; however, an assessment is typically needed.

How fast can I have my ramp installed?
Depending on location, we can typically install within a week of the assessment.

We do Free home assessments all over middle Tennessee including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, these cities and towns:

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If you live in different areas that are around Middle Tennessee not listed above please call us to see what we offer in these areas.

Use our Wheelchair ramp calculator to figure out what length ramp you need to access your home or commercial business.
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