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knee walker rental
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The Knee Walker is very easy to use. Watch the video. It's great and can probably answer most of your questions. We even have some that have baskets to make carrying things a little easier.

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Knee Walker Rental Important information

  • Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability.
  • Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation or ulcers of the foot.
  • Deluxe lever wheel locks ensures safety.
  • Tool free height adjustment.
  • We can not guarantee same day delivery.

300 lb & 350 lb Weight Capacity available.

We do not deliver on weekends or holidays.


Frequently Asked Questions for Knee Walkers:

Are the Knee Walkers adjustable?

Answer: Yes. You can adjust the handle height and the knee pad height to fit your size.

Does the Knee Walker fold up?

Answer: Yes. You can unlock the handle and bring it down along site the knee pad to make it easy to store in a vehicle.

Will my Insurance pay for a knee walker?

Answer: Depends on the insurance plan and policy, some do and some don't. All Star Medical recommends call your insurance company and ask them if they cover it and what is the medical qualification to get one. Please note just because your doctor wrote an order for it doesn't guarantee payment from your insurance company.

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