Aluminum Wheelchair ramps vs Wood Ramps

We get a lot of questions about ramps. The main one is why should we choose aluminum and not do a wooden ramp? Below we have a reasons why. Please note that we offer free home assessments in the Nashville TN area.

Aluminum Ramps                                                                                        Wood Ramps

Will not Rust or Rot Decays, Rots
Can be installed in 1-2 hours Take several days (after getting a permit)
Has resale value if no longer needed Must be taken down ( no value)
Easy to move or expand or adjust Must be torn down and rebuilt
Basically no maintenance Must be maintained (resealed)
Usually no building permit required (modular) Requires building permit
No concrete required Concrete required (posts)
Very durable (lifetime guarantee) Wood eventually warps and causes issues

Out of everything we mentioned I think the fact that the aluminum ramp has resale value after its use is HUGE! Knowing that you can get some value out of a purchase you made is a big deal for most people.

I have also attached a link from EZ Access that goes into further detail on aluminum vs. wood ramps. Enjoy.

Please remember that we offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our EZ ACCESS Ramps and if you live in the surrounding Nashville Tennessee (Middle Tennessee) area we can offer installation at an additional cost as well. Call us todayto speak to one of our aluminum ramp experts at 615-730-9438.

17th Jan 2018 Kevin Brown

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