Bathroom Safety 'Must-Haves'

One of the most frequent places seniors have falls are in the bathroom and most individuals don't have what they need to make their bathroom safe. We have a list below of the 4 main items you can add to any bathroom to make the environment safer for your loved one.

1. Shower Chair or Transfer Bench

  This is a must have for anyone that is having difficulty standing or getting in and out of the shower. A shower chair comes in many different forms. Some of them have a round seat while other have backs and even arms to help you stand up from showering. Most all shower chairs are height adjustable to make it easier to sit and stand. The weight capacities range from 250 lbs on up so you can find the seat that fits your needs.

The transfer bench is great for anyone who has issues stepping over their bath tub and into it. A transfer bench has a portion of the seat on the outside of the tub and allows you to slide over and into the tub onto the rest of the bench. These benches are again height adjustable and come in a variety of sizes for weight capacities. The standard size has a 300 lb weight capacity.

Transfer Bench                                                                   Shower Chair

Transfer bench                                       

2. Grab Bars

  Grab bars can be used all over the bathroom. You can use them next to or above the toilet and you can use them inside the shower too.Some manufacturers make the grab bars in multiple colors and try to make them blend into the environment so you don't even know they are there. One of our suppliers even has a no drill grab bar that you can put on certain tubs like fiberglass, tile or marble. This is a great option when you don't want to drill or can't find a stud.


3. Raised Toilet Seats and with safety frames

 Getting on and off toilet can be very difficult and having a raised toilet seat or safety rail can make life a lot easier. They also make the raised toilet seat for elongated or round toilets. Just like the other products above you have a variety to choose from. Some of the raised toilet seat clamp on wile others are bolted. The toilet safety frames can be bolted or some actually are free standing. If you buy online or come into one of our stores take a quick measurement of the commode or area around the commode to make sure the item you choose will fit. 


4. Hand Held Shower 

   Last but not least is the hand held shower. This item is essential when you are needing to sit in shower chair or transfer bench to bath. If you don't have one shower head typically hits you in the upper body or head area. The hand held shower has a cord that give you the ability to to use the wand all over your body so you can get good and clean. They make a wide assortment of these and you can find them almost anywhere but obviously we would prefer you to get them from us. :)

 We hope this has been helpful and that you can benefit from the information above. If you would like to see these items feel free to stop by one of our Nashville Tennessee locations in Hermitage or Franklin. Please don't forget to share this information.


23rd Jan 2018 Kevin Brown

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