• We do not bill any third party insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Tenncare etc.). Customers are advised to contact their insurance to see if there is a "PREFERRED PROVIDER” for coverage.
  • We also recommend asking your insurance company the question of " what is the medical justification of (insert medical equipment you are asking about). Don't just ask them if the item is covered because if they say YES that doesn't mean you meet the medical justification.
  • All of our rental equipment is immediately sanitized and maintained upon return
  • We install our stair lifts and aluminum modular ramp systems. We don't use 3rd parties
  • We can drop ship almost any product in the Continental United States.
  • With a prescription we don't charge sales tax in the State of Tennessee.
  • The only item on a lift chair that is covered by insurance is the seat lift mechanism, not the chair. The average reimbursement is around $240 and that includes what the supplemental insurance pays as well.
  • Stair Lifts, walk in showers, and ramps of any sort are NOT covered by your traditional insurances ( Medicare, Cigna, Health Springs)