Stair Lift Rental

Stair Lift Rental
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At All Star Medical we rent stair lifts for short term needs. Call us for a free estimate. Below are the rental rates.

Straight Stair Lift 3 Month Rental

$300.00 a month

Install/Uninstall Fee

$600.00 onetime fee

After rental period is over you have 3 options

Option 1: You can continue to rent the stair lift for $200 a month (no option to buy)

Option 2*: You can purchase the stair lift (the rental fees that you paid toward the lift will go toward the purchase

Option 3: We can uninstall the stair lift

Note: The install/uninstall fee does not go toward the purchase price

 Click on the link here for Rental Terms & Conditions

**Please note that purchase (Option 2) must be at the original location.**



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