All Star Medical Rentals Can Meet Your Immediate Needs

All Star Medical Rentals Can Meet Your Immediate Needs

Recovering from surgery or a long illness can be painful, and it's usually hard to get around and care for yourself independently. Some people may be fortunate enough to have a family member help them get around, but others may need mobility aids or special equipment. Recovery can also be more successful – and last a shorter time – when you can comfortably rest and not strain yourself. A hospital bed, one that allows the user to sit or recline with the push of a button, can help you move about without straining yourself or breaking stitches.

All-Star Medical offers rentals of durable medical equipment that can help you meet all your immediate needs or better care for an ailing loved one. From shower chairs to scooters, we're covering what equipment you may need to recover or help you maintain your independence.

Hospital Beds

A comfortable, secure hospital bed provides not just a place to sleep but also a sturdy, supportive place to sit up or even complete light in-bed exercises as part of your physical therapy. All-Star Medical has several different styles of rental beds to meet your needs, including standard hospital beds and high low beds. If you have specific needs, we also offer specialty beds for purchase, such as fully electric hospital beds and bariatric beds.

Each bed can plug into your regular outlet, so you don't need special equipment to utilize the features. Speaking of features, we also sell specialty accessories for our hospital beds, including foam overlays for greater comfort and to help reduce pressure ulcers and trapeze bars, which can help people sit up independently.

Mobility Aids

A scooter, walker, or knee walker can help you get around your home and work as you recover. All-Star Medical has electric scooters, which can help you live more independently, allowing you to go shopping on your own or spend time outdoors with friends and family. Some of our scooters have heavier wheels and deeper tracks for greater traction if you want to enjoy time on an outdoor trail or uneven surfaces. Or, if you need a temporary ramp to get into your home without needing permanent modifications, we also offer ramp rentals. Portable ramps can give you access to places you may otherwise not be able to go and may be helpful when you return to work.

Specialty Durable Equipment for Greater Independence

One of the most common reasons for re-admittance after surgery or a long illness is having an accident at home, and the bathroom can be the most dangerous spot in your house. Slick flooring and water from the shower, tub, and sink make getting around the bathroom a nightmare for those with unsure footing or mobility challenges. All-Star Medical offers a range of shower and bathroom safety equipment for purchase, with sturdy support and non-skid foot grips, which give you the safe support you need to bathe without assistance.

Reasons You May Wish to Rent Durable Medical Equipment

Being able to care for yourself independently and safely is the main reason that so many of our customers choose to rent their durable medical equipment. Your needs and capabilities may change as you recover or if you have a progressive disease. Renting equipment allows you to have the support and safety you require, with the option of changing your equipment as your needs change. Browse our rental catalog today, and contact us when you're ready to arrange delivery of your rental durable medical equipment.

30th Aug 2022 All-Star medical

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