C​hoosing a Vehicle Lift

A vehicle lift is an important investment. Choosing the right kind of lift is essential, as unfortunately, wheelchair lifts for vehicles aren't universal and must be compatible with your type of vehicle. There's an amount of customization that needs to be considered for your wheelchair lift to work safely and effectively with your vehicle. Your wheelchair is the provider of independence and mobility and is something that you should be able to easily transport with you wherever you go.

Don't let the struggle of transporting your wheelchair keep you from enjoying the finer things in life. The best way to enjoy your time outdoors is to equip your vehicle with the right kind of scooter lift. If you're a caregiver, having the ability to transport your patients' scooters and wheelchairs can positively impact the quality of care that you deliver.

The Right Kind of Wheelchair Lift for Your Vehicle

It's vital to have the right kind of scooter lift for your requirements. For example, there isn't much point in having a lift installed if it's unable to hoist the weight of your scooter. There are three primary kinds of wheelchair lifts, each having disadvantages and advantages depending on your circumstances.

Power Lifts

Power lifts are mounted to the outside of your car, truck, or van and are the best option for when you're low on space. This is because they can fold neatly against your vehicle when you're not using them. A power lift keeps maximum cargo room in your vehicle. This allows you to use your car without restrictions in the same manner you would if it wasn't there.

Manual Lifts

This kind of lift is usually the most cost-effective option for vehicles. However, for people who have mobility issues or limited strength, this can be quite a challenge. As such, manual lifts are best suited for caregivers' vehicles and other situations whereby the person who requires the lift will have assistance.

Hybrid Lifts

A hybrid lift helps you load your wheelchair or scooter outside of your vehicle. This kind of lift is the premium option for people looking for vehicle lifts. It offers the most protection for your mobility equipment. For example, your chair or scooter is unlikely to be damaged by the weather or hazards on the road, because it will be safely stored inside your vehicle.

Your Go-To Vehicle Lift Supplier

Here at All Star Medical, we stock a range of wheelchair and scooter lifts to suit your variety of needs and vehicles. Our team is more than happy to talk you through your options, so the investment that you make is a smart one. Contact us today to find out more about our selection of industry-leading vehicle lifts.

18th Apr 2022 All-Star Medical

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