Introducing the Feather Scooter and Feather Power Chair

Looking for a folding power chair or folding mobility scooter that's lightweight and easy to transport? Look no further than the Feather Scooter and Feather Power Chair! These chairs fold down super compact, making them perfect for travel. They'll even fit into the smallest of closets or car trunks. Plus, with a range of eleven miles on a single charge, you can go anywhere you want to go. So why wait? Get your Feather Scooter or Feather Power Chair today!

What do they weigh? The total weight of the Feather power chair is only33 lbs! You will not find a lighter power wheelchair on the market today. The Feather Mobility Scooter only weighs 37 lbs which makes it one of the lightest scooters on the market as well.

You can order these mobility devices from All-Star Medical by calling 615-730-9438 or just click the link below. All you have to do is add to your cart and don't forget that we offer FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States.

Feather Power Chair

Feather Folding Scooter

Feather Folding Scooter

Feather 33 lb Power Wheelchair

7th Jun 2022 Kevin Brown

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