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We stock the Italian leather version in our stores.

 Not just the perfect lift chair, it’s the Perfect Sleep Chair. Sometimes sleeping in your bed isn’t an option…heartburn, cardiac problems, hip and backaches or even just getting to your bed can keep you from getting a necessary good night’s sleep. Some nights many people need a better place to sleep. Whether it’s because you can’t make it upstairs to your bedroom, have nightly aches and pains that are compounded by a flat bed or you need help getting up in the middle of the night…struggle no more. Overstuffed, plush, rich fabrication combined with all of the necessary features you need to help you enjoy your days and nights.

Please note that this is only available in the surrounding Nashville TN area for delivery. You can pick up for free or we offer white glove deliver for $300.


The Perfect Sleep Chair is the best:

• Lift chair

• Sitting chair

• Sleeping chair

• TV chair

• Pain alleviating chair


The Perfect Sleep Chair At the heart of its design is a power lift chair that can lay completely flat for a perfect night’s sleep. Or you can elevate your legs or back or both to alleviate pressure on your back or hips. An infinite number of positions all controlled by the user. But that’s not all that goes into a great night’s sleep. The overstuffed design provides plenty of comfort and the biscuit back design creates 9 sleep surfaces for support and plushness. And to top it off - add in individual pocketed coils in the seat that have been the foundation of mattress design for decades. To many, this is simply a better place to sleep. The Design Start with a handcrafted power lift chair that is designed and assembled in the United States by a furniture designing and crafting company that has been designing and building furniture for nearly 100 years. Add in the latest therapeutic and comfort supporting technologies and you have the Perfect Sleep Chair. Designed with your comfort in mind and to help you enjoy your days and nights better. It’s 3 chairs in one: Sleep/Recline/Lift. Plus it generously adds heat and massage for all day and all night comfort and therapy. The electronic hand control offers an infinite variety of settings which allows the user to customize the chair for their own best benefit.


And that’s not all… Not only is it the Perfect Sleep Chair, it’s more than that. It’s the perfect chair for Sitting, Watching TV, and has the therapeutic benefits of Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg positioning. And it helps the user get set down and stand back up again with its power lift function. The back and feet of the chair move independently so you can find the perfect positioning for reading or watching TV – not just the same static position of a traditional couch or chair. And unlike non-powered recliners, you can find that perfect balance between reclining and sitting upright. For the ultimate in relief in stress on the hip joints, you can even relax in a Zero Gravity position. In this position, the body’s weight is evenly distributed across the entire chair which reduces stress and strain on your joint muscles. Especially your hips and back. It also provides you to lay in the Trendelenburg position in which your feet are above your heart in a straight orientation. This helps improve circulation from the lower extremities back to the heart. And what could be better than comforting heat and massage? That’s right, the Perfect Sleep Chair provides multiple massage settings as well as warming heat on the back. You may never want to get out of the Perfect Sleep Chair!

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