Compression Stockings VS. Anti- Embolism (TED Hose) Do you know the difference?

In the 20 years I have been in the medical field where I have walked into hospitals and rehab facilities I notice that the majority of the patients in these facilities are not wearing the right compression. There is truly a difference in gradient compression and the all to common TED HOSE. Read below. I hope you enjoy.

Anti-Embolism ( TED Hose) vs. Medical Compression Stockings

The biggest difference between Anti-Embolism Stockings (TED Hose) and Medical Compression Stockings is the compression level and the medical reason for which it is worn. Anti- Embolism Stockings are usually 8–18mmHg, while medical compression stockings are a medically-measured 15–20mmHg or higher. In addition, the purpose of anti-embolism stockings is to maintain normal venous return in a bedridden patient.

SIGVARIS MEDICAL Compression Hosiery and Socks are used to treat venous and lymphatic disorders in ambulatory patients. Graduated compression stockings are used for all stages of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, including varicose veins, edema, stasis skin changes and venous procedures. They may also be used in preventing and treating Post-Thrombotic Syndrome. According to medical research, ambulatory patients with Chronic Venous Disorders require more compression than is available in anti-embolism stockings.

A Simple Rule of Thumb:

If the patient is laying in the bed = anti-embolism stockings (TEDS are for BEDS)

If the patient is ambulatory = medical graduated compression stockings are recommended.

Measuring for compression is not very difficult, if you measure the largest part of you ankle, then the largest part of your calf, you will know what size you need for knee high compression. If you need thigh high compression just measure 4 inches above your knee cap for the thigh measurement. You can look at our selection online and order from there. We can ship your compression directly to your home within a couple of business days.

If you live in the Nashville TN area come by All Star Medical in either our Hermitage or Franklin Location and we will help you find the right type of compression stockings or socks. 

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16th Feb 2017 Kevin Brown

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