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Starting @ $2900. Call for a free estimate.


Do you have difficulty getting up and down stairs in your home? If so a stair lift might help you stay in your home and access parts of your home you never thought you would be able reach again.

Prices range from $2800-$4500 which include installation. Most of the lifts we provide end up being around $3200.

If you have further questions about stairlifts, please call us at 615-730-9438.

We do Free home assessments in the Following cities: Hendersonville TN, Brentwood TN, Nolensville TN, Mount Juliet TN, Lebanon TN,Spring Hill TN, Columbia TN, Murfreesboro TN, Smyrna TN, Lavergne TN, Nashville TN, Dickson TN, Clarksville TN, Springfield TN, Portland TN and many more. 

 Here's a link to the most frequently asked stair lift questions:


Brooks Stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They run on maintenance free DC Power packs, which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. So even if there is a power cut the Brooks Stair lift glides smoothly to its destination. Installation is easy. Just call our friendly staff so we can set up a date to deliver your new Brooks Stairlift. 

Safe and Easy

  • Soft start and stop system - no sudden jolts
  • Easy to use joystick control
  • Remote control system - means no messy wiring
  • Low voltage operation - eliminates risk of shock
  • Electromechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor

Safety Features
Brooks Stairlifts have an impressive array of safety features built in as standard.

These include:

Electronic and mechanical braking systems

The stairlift is fitted as standard with these essential safety systems to eliminate any possibility of an uncontrolled descent of the stairlift.


Limit sensors

 At the end of either an ascent or descent, the stairlift will come to a 'soft stop' due to the limit sensors. These ensure that the stairlift always stops in the correct position
Choice of Control

Brooks Stairlifts can be controlled by either the simple mechanical 'paddle' switch at the end of both seat arms, or by way of the infra-red remote control handset, two of which are supplied. These are ideal when there are 2 users in the house and the lift needs to be 'sent' or 'called' up and down the stairs. The wireless design means that there is no unsightly wall-mounted wiring for control stations. The paddle switches override the remote controls.
Seat Belts
For extra security and safety, the Brooks stairlift comes with an inertial reel lap harness as standard, for no extra cost. Always putting safety first.
Swivel seat with locking catch
The stairlift seat swivels and locks in position, making mounting and dismounting the stairlift easy and safe. The stairlift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.
Pressure sensitive safety surface
There are 5 surfaces/edges that stop the stairlift should there be an obstruction on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage.
Diagnostic Digital Display
Mounted on the carriage of the stairlift is a digital display which shows clearly when the lift is in the normal operating position, and also provides invaluable diagnostic information in the unlikely event of a fault with your stairlift.
Slim-line design
The fold-away construction makes the stairlift unobtrusive and allows full access of the stairs.

Every part of the stairlift has been designed with you in mind. Each feature is the result of careful consideration in response to the requirements of the stairlift user. We listen, and then we produce the best solution. At All Star Medical we love installing a brooks stair lift because we know that when we are done with the installation that you will be happy. The brooks has an LED screen that shows you what is going on with your lift at all time. If its charging, it shows. If its not locked into place properly, it shows. 

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Medicare pay for stair lifts?

Answer: NO, Medicare does not cover stair lifts. If you have VA benefits you can reach out to them as they will cover them in certain situations.

How does the stair lift mount to my stairs?

Answer: They are attached to the tread of the steps with a bracket. The bracket has 4 screws in it and easily mount to most any steps.

What type of electrical work is required to install a stair lift?

Answer: All of the electrical wires are inside the track with one wire that comes out and plugs into a regular  wall outlet.

What if you have a obstruction or doorway at the bottom of the steps, Can you still get a stair lift installed?

Answer: Yes, Most stair lifts have an hinge on the track that can be rasied up or down so you can have a clear walkway or open a door fully when needed.

Are my stairs wide enough for a stair lift?

Answer: Your stairs can be as small as 26 inches wide and still  work. In most cases it no problem if your stairs are 32 inches or wider. That's why its a good idea for us to come out on one of our free home estimate to see what we can do make your like easier.

What if my stair have a curve or angle in them?

Answer: That typically requires a curved stair lift which takes longer to manufacturer and is much more expensive. Sometimes you can install two straight stiar lifts cheaper than you can one cuved stair lift.

Can you install stair lifts out side?

Answer: yes we can. 

What is the weight capacity of a stair lift?

Answer: Most have a 300 lb capacity but you can go up to 350- 500 lb weight limits.

Will my stair lift work if the power goes out?

Answer: Yes. You have batterybackups for situations like this and they typically have 10-12 lifts in them until power is brought back on.

On average how wide does a stair lift stick out?

Answer: When in use its around 24-25 inches and when it not in use and folded up its around 13 inches.





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